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Hello, how are you today? I'm here for a very special reason: we are collecting donations for the construction of the Love Together Brasil center, an incredible project that helps children and young people in the Brazilian hinterland. Can I count on your generosity?


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We need to help 24,614 children and young people from 18 cities in the Piancó Valley Region.
The amount raised will be used for the construction of the Love Together Brasil Center.
Your donation is essential for dozens of families in socially vulnerable situations.

we need to break the cycle of poverty in the region.

We bring clean water, education and sports to vulnerable communities in Brazil.

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Companies play a crucial role in supporting the Love Together Brasil cause, especially in the construction project of our Center. By donating materials, they not only provide essential resources, but also make a positive impact on the community. The partnership is essential to promote collective well-being and build a more supportive and sustainable future to our children and young people.
If you adopt a construction phase or room, your name will be in the room.
If you want to donate an entire part of the Center (administrative, sports) there will be a plaque with your name.
All donors are publicly disclosed and thanked.


Do you want to help our campaign? Fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible :)
Our dream is to offer children and young people a suitable space for practicing sports, tutoring, professional courses and other socialization activities, with a focus on integral development for responsible citizenship.

The first steps have already been taken, with the acquisition of land in the urban area of ​​Piancó, measuring 2,500 m² in area. The construction project is budgeted at R$ 2,766,511.00 and we need your solidarity to make the dream come true.

Love Together Brasil Center

It is the percentage of young people between 15 and 17 years old out of school, in the municipality of Piancó. This is the 7th highest percentage of adolescents/young people out of school in Brazil.
of the population of Piancó depends, to survive, on government aid (federal and state) or on underemployment and precarious occupations.
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